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400 Days
Sato Takeru Blog Translations
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2nd-Jul-2011 12:13 pm - 2011-06-30; The day it ends*
역도요정 -> My OTP pink

Thank you to everyone who has read "WITH" up until today.

This will be the last update.

Thank you so much everyone.

My new site will open tomorrow so please support me over there from now on.


It is hard to figure out what I should write since this is will be the last update, or really, I have plenty of things I want to say but figuring out how to say it is difficult. If I could I would say "here you go" and give you my brain.

Since that is impossible I would love to talk with you.

If you would like I'd love to go out drinking with you.
This is just what I believe but since all of you are supporting me means that you are able to empathize with my way of thinking and the way I act, and if that's the case, doesn't it all mean that we get along pretty well?


That would be a place where I'd write (laugh) but since I've never used that in an entry up until now I just don't find it fitting, and for that I'm sorry.

But I really believe that if we could do something fun like that it would be really awesome.

What kind of blog is this?

For the time being, for all of you to be able to peek into my brain as well as going out for drinks and talk seems pretty hard so I will at least write down what I'm feeling write now.

Right now I'm looking forward to every day from tomorrow.

Including all the feelings of sadness about closing down this blog, today will become a drawing line, and as of tomorrow I will start anew, and in that way I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the days after that.

The future is full of hope.

There are without a doubt fun experience like we've never experienced before waiting for us a month ahead, half a year ahead, a year ahead and even after that.

Our future is full of hope.


Was really fun.
To everyone who followed me through this, thank you so much. Thank you for all the loving messages. For supporting me up until this day, thank you so much.

There is still no concrete plans of doing this and it is unlikely that I will ever become good at writing, but if I ever do open a blog again please play with me again.*

Because of this blog I've been able to feel this a countless amounts of time.

"Is it really okay for me to be this blessed?", "I doubt there's anyone out there happier than I am right now" and "I'm such a lucky person".

From now on I hope I will be able to return the favour.

With gratitude and love from the bottom of my heart.


Sato Takeru

- - -
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18th-Jun-2011 11:53 am - 2011-06-17; Feelings of gratitude
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
Feelings of gratitudeCollapse )

- - -

The first planned "TAKERU TV" will be held on the 9th of July (Sat).
The blog will officially close on the 30th of June.
The official site will be announced later.

I still don't know if there will be a blog feature on the new page or not so I'm not sure if 400days  will officially end with the blog or not yet.
This entry will be kept open as I will link it to cube_of_takeru .

I'm sorry if this entry is a little wonky when it comes to grammar and all that. It was a challenge to get everything in there while keeping it as close to the original as possible. I'll edit it if I see something REALLY off later.
23rd-Oct-2010 07:30 pm - 2010-10-23; Episode 2.
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
Episode 2Collapse )

- - -

I know I'm watching it tonight. The convenience of being in Japan♪

Pictures of Takeru in a school uniform will never stop being amazing♥
24th-Sep-2010 02:29 am - [Mod post] Tinypic down
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
So today Tinypic shut down its "international" services and is probably only going to serve to those of you in America.
However this means I just lost all the pictures for all of my entries since the beginning of this LJ community.
This also means that the posts I have not made myself cannot be edited to add the old pictures.

I'm not sure what I should do at this moment. I can't see me having the time to go through all posts and re-adding the pictures through another uploading site. I'm also not 100% keen on copy and paste all the posts zoeycleybourne  and nerefir  made and add them back on the correct dates with added pictures.

All the pictures are still at Takeru's blog for now and thus not lost forever. Therefore I beg you to have patience with me until I actually find the time to correct this. Unless someone of you have a bright idea which I'm probably overlooking because I'm mad.

Good day/night to you all~

9th-Sep-2010 01:38 pm - 2010-09-09; Takeru Bin
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
This is Takeru Bin.

★Takeru will appear in Ace Cook's new TV CM 「JANJAN Sauce Yakisoba」!!

Takeru will serve as the Image Character for 「JANJAN」.

The "A session for two/Background reflection" version will begin airing on Sept 12th.

In this TV CM we will see both a "cool Takeru" and a "casual Takeru".

Please look forward to it...☆

- - -
This is the product. And a explanation on how to actually cook it. lol.
25th-Aug-2010 11:30 am - 2010-08-25; Takeru Bin
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
This is Takeru Bin.

★On tomorrow's episode of "Waratte Iitomo" in the segment "Telephone Shocking" Takeru will be the main guest!

Tomorrow 26/8 (Thursday), Takeru will make his first appearance on "Waratte Iitomo"'s Telephone Shocking!

※ Fuji TV 12.00 ~ 13.00 On Air.

Please look forward to it...☆

- - -

12.00 Japan time converts into:
GMT 03:00
PST 20:00
EST 22:00
For more information go to TZC for convertion of time zones.
24th-Aug-2010 02:11 am - 2010-08-23; Takeru Bin
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
PictureCollapse )
This is Takeru Bin.

2010-10-15 On sale

"Takeru Satoh Profile 2007-2010 "So Far So Good!""

A "memorial" book containing pictures from the magazine JUNON from year 2007 and up until will be released.

From the age of 18 until 21, we'll see the dramatic changes Takeru has gone through while growing up.
Please look forward to it, and check it out once released☆

-  -

want! (according to JUNON's Twitter, there's a poster following the book as well. Added a picture of the information by Junon to the post).
9th-Aug-2010 04:46 am - 2010-08-09; Takeru Bin
佐藤健 -> HAHA!
★ Starting in October, the drama serial
on NTV 「Q10」 will have Sato Takeru as the lead actor!!

It has been decided that Takeru will have the leading role in NTV's drama serial 「Q10」 airing on Saturdays beginning October.

Takeru plays a high school student who falls in love with a robot.

To be able to deliver a drama that makes your heart flutter Takeru will show his fighting spirit while shooting the drama.

Please, please look forward to it...☆

- - -

I don't know about the plot but colour me interested. Just a tiny bit? ;D
24th-Jul-2010 07:05 pm - 2010-07-23; A new Fit's CM
佐藤健 -> HAHA!
Hello, this is Takeru Bin!

★ 「Lotte Fit's LINK」 Train version begins airing on the 26th of July!
Takeru is taking a trip by train while chewing 「Fit's Link」♪
Takeru has this time challenged an advanced dance!!
It's a dance totally different from the earlier versions so please look forward to it!★
17th-Jul-2010 10:59 am - [Mod post] Updates
역도요정 -> My OTP pink
 It's been a while since I wrote a mod post so I figured it was time to update you guys about some things.

1. zoeycleybourne  is more or less not handling this comm now. It's a decision I've known about for a longer period of time and respect. However she will still be a maintainer of this community until she (and if she) decides she no longer wants the post. It's been almost a year since we started this community and I'm so happy to say that we're almost 300 people in this community now, a figure I never expected.

2. Since I'm going to Japan for a year starting sometime in September I'm not sure how updated I can keep this community by myself and therefore I figured it was time to make this following official. I have actually been sharing my LJ account with my sister for over 2 years now and she has, when requested, helped me out with the updates since she's been studying Japanese longer than I have. However, we're now splitting into two journals and therefore yejun  will be a maintainer from now on as well, just officially one since she's been hiding under my LJ account since forever.

3. I have no plans on adding a third translator/maintainer as of yet seeing there's hardly any posting going on in this community since it's not open for posting and you've all been great at being civil and all that. If the situation changes when I go to Japan and me and my sister can't keep up with Takeru (doesn't seem much of a challenge to be honest, he hardly updates ever ;D) I'll consider adding another translator/mod.

TYFYT and have a great summer/winter depending on where in the world you are.
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